Executive Protection

Our Executive Protection service ensures the safety and security of high-profile individuals. Our expert team employs strategic planning, advanced risk assessment, and discreet protective measures to safeguard clients from potential threats, allowing them to navigate their professional and personal endeavors with confidence and peace of mind.

Risk Mitigation

We aim to Identify and mitigate client risks in a comprehensive approach involving rigorous risk assessment, threat analysis, and strategic planning. Our commitment is to ensure the security and resilience of our clients, empowering them to navigate complex landscapes confidently.

Fire & Life Safety

Our Fire and Life Safety team prioritizes a meticulous focus on prevention, preparedness, and response. Our team assesses and mitigates fire risks by designing a robust, proactive approach to safeguarding lives and assets. We are devoted to creating a secure environment where clients can operate with the assurance that their safety is our foremost priority.


Our investigative services encompass due diligence, background investigations, fraud detection, and threat assessment, all conducted with the utmost discretion and adherence to ethical standards. With a commitment to delivering actionable insights, we empower clients to make informed decisions while navigating a secure path in an ever-evolving landscape. Trust JMX for your comprehensive investigative solutions that prioritize both accuracy and confidentiality.